The Best Screensavers for your Mac

3d animated Screensavers are one of the most underrated aesthetics of any computer after wallpapers, no one really cares what their computer looks like when they’re not on it, but they should. Here’s a short list of free moving screensavers for mac that will make your Mac look 20x better when you leave it alone for a few minutes.


Padbury Clock Screensaver

An incredibly simple black and white clock screensaver for apple computers.



It’s kind of in the name what it does, however, this can be incredibly useful. Countdown to any date, get reminded of an upcoming holiday or even a deadline every time you come back to your computer.



Fliqlo is the ultimate 3d desktop screensaver with a flipboard layout and on thousands of Macs across the world.



The most beautiful free screensaver for mac you will ever download. Aerial shots over some of the world’s most picturesque landscapes.


If you’ve got any other free animated screensavers for mac suggestions we’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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The Best Screensavers for your Mac
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