The Best Cameras for Beginners in 2017

One of the questions I ear the most frequently is what are the best cameras for beginners. When you want to start learning photography you may not know much about digital cameras and you especially don’t want something that is difficult to handle and master.

To help those looking for some help I’ve gathered a list of the best cameras for beginners which hopefully will help you make a decision.


Fujifilm X-T10

Fujifilm are known for their unique image style and it’s something many live by. They’re also more on the premium side due to the materials used so you’ll get incredible build quality. The X-T10 has a larger APS-C sensor like the Sony cameras so that should mean great image quality but you will need quality lenses to make the most of it.

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Panasonic G7

The Panasonic G7 is one of the best all-round cameras you can buy right now at a ludicrously affordable price. It takes both amazing photos and 4K video. It’s based on the Micro Four Thirds system so there is a huge array of lenses you can choose from. It’s got a more traditional DSLR shape making it bigger than the two above but that does mean you get better battery life and it’s easier to handle. There are a ton more dials and buttons giving you very quick access to camera adjustability. It also has a flip out screen making it very versatile in many different situations.

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Olympus E-M10 Mark II

Olympus have been following Panasonic in the Micro Four Thirds game and have their own selection of cameras which are fantastic. The E-M10 Mark II is a great rangefinder style camera that has in body image stabilization. This feature alone can be incredibly useful for those who are into video work or when using long focal length lenses.

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Sony A6000

The Sony A series are a spectacular series of cameras which many have stood by over the years. They’re not the easiest to use due to their complex menu system but most beginners can handle them. Picture quality is also great due to an size APS-C sensor. The A6000 is a few years old now but it’s still a great camera for the price. If you have a larger budget you can also have a look at the A6300 or more recent A6500.

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Panasonic GM1

A camera that I have always recommended is the Panasonic GM1. I use it myself and have done for the past two years and it’s an absolutely fantastic camera for beginners. It features fantastic image quality for such a small camera and it’s super easy to use. Due to it being a Micro Four Thirds camera, you have a huge array of lenses you can choose from. When you’re comfortable with the camera you can start changing lenses and experimenting with the other more complex features in the camera. It probably is the best camera you can buy when you want to experiment with photography.

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The Best Cameras for Beginners in 2017
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